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Thursday, August 16, 2012


When the island of Bali has been regarded as an island, then nirvana is not far away. Not far to the east, there is the island of Lombok. White sand, blue sea. Heaven like a second home. Lombok is now grown into a tourist destination continues to go up the fallen. Like a country girl, Lombok is a virgin who peeking shyly from behind a window. However, the girl instantly become the talk of the youth.
Bali has not run out of charm, but some people are getting fed up with the hustle and bustle, traffic jams and crowded island. Lombok was a fugitive. Beauty as Bali, but the atmosphere is more quiet. In many ways, Lombok is the equivalent of Bali. White sand beaches extend in a long line in Senggigi. The waves rolled ready to challenge the surfers who dare to come to the beach and Kuta Lombok Beach Mawun. Coral reefs and a variety of beautiful fish adorn seabed three Gili: Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. Even so if you dive into the middle of the island of Lombok. If you have a Mount Agung Bali, then Lombok Rinjani has a tall and strong. If Bali Besakih temple had a large and majestic, also had a temple Lingsar Lombok. Chicken Taliwang typical Lombok, it may be pitted with Balinese Chicken Betutu.
Which makes Lombok the upper hand over Bali, precisely because the island is more quiet and calm. Who does not want to vacation with a relaxed and comfortable. One more thing, and this is often a matter of expense, Lombok is more intense because it has also named Kuta beach. Meanwhile, Bali does not have a beach named Senggigi.
Keep up the prestige of Lombok, and the government seems serious about building this island. Large-scale infrastructure projects started to pump up tourism in Lombok. Lombok International Airport is a modern airport was opened to replace Selaparang. Mandalika integrated tourism area has begun to be built with an investment of Rp 27 trillion. It's not messing around!
All desire, this development will create a variety of domestic and foreign tourists easier to traveling to Lombok. Instead, all the charm of Lombok is expected to remain the same and it is, do not change because of this development.
Lombok opened the door to all the heavenly seekers from all over the universe. Let's pack up, prepare sunglasses and sunblock. Let's go beyond Bali!

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